How To Care Less About What Others Think Of You

Inside, you must have sometimes thought about what other people may think about you.

The great Marcus Aurelius was once quoted saying:

'We all love ourselves more than other people, but care more about their opinion than our own.'

So whether it's a party or a new car you might have bought, there's always a fear in mind about the thoughts, comments, and negative exertions of other people. 


Are you someone who thinks too much about others' thoughts? 

If so, this article is the perfect place for you because we will teach you some ways to care less about what other people think.


Stop Caring About What Other People Think

So how you can understand and simultaneously learn not to care about other people's opinions?

Well there are a few practices and habits you can apply to limit your worry about other peoples thinking about you:


1: Don't Apologies Too Often

A person who constantly worries about what others think about him is often found apologising to people. But there is a way you can seem apologetic without directly apologising.

Instead of saying 'I'm sorry I'm late', you could say something along the lines of 'Thank you for your patience'. This subtle shift in mindset can transform you into someone who comes across stronger and more in control.


2: Stop Overthinking

If you are always thinking about what's happening around you or what others say, then you will undoubtably begin to wander to unhealthy thoughts. 

It's obvious when you are overly worried about others' thoughts, you become over-conscious of every word and action that you are committing. This sometimes makes things worse instead helping you understand your situation better. When you take too much time to think, the voices in our head have time to gather and force us. So we should keep moving and keep our minds busy.


3: Focus On What's Important

Imagine you want to become a car mechanic, but people around you consider it a low profession. Ultimately, this could make you lean towards pursuing a different career. Yes, this may please the people around you. But you should follow your own passions and dreams, which is more important. 

That's why it's better to always focus on what's more important to you. You cannot make everyone happy. You are the one who will have to deal with things later on, so why listening to others too much will likely leave you feeling worse later down the line.


4: Keep An Eye On Your Surroundings

People who are close to you can sometimes influence you more than you may think. Some of your relatives and friends could subtly taunt you and say bad things about your decisions, making you overthink your own thoughts and plans.

Change your surroundings from people who speak negatively to those who encourage you about your decisions and stand beside you. It's all in your hands, which people you keep around you. Take a step ahead and make new friends and stay away from the relatives as much as possible who affect you negatively, making you care more about what others think of you.


5: Respect Others Thoughts

Just because you don't care about others thoughts doesn't mean you don't have to respect them. You must understand that people have their own minds. And, of course, minds are not all created equal. So all you can do is respect their view and focus on your own. 

If you are focused on your own thoughts, leave others to do the same with theirs. Your sole responsibility is to keep yourself happy, and that's only possible when you''re not listening to what is going on in any other person's mind.


Bonus practical tip from Tim Ferris

Ready to add a new chapter of peace to your life?

Well learning how to care less about what others think is essential if you want to live a peaceful life keeping your mind on an upbeat track.

Tim Ferris had a great practical method of exercising his ability to not care what others thought about him.

He would wear the most ridiculous trousers in public, so that he could get over his fear of what others thought about him. 

I did the same think too, buying a bright orange denim jacket and wearing it in body shopping centres and on dates. 

It quickly became normal and it resulted in an increase in confidence and a lack of concern what what others thought about me.

Maybe try it out for yourself and let me know if this methods works as well for you too.