Official Stakeholder Letter - September 10th 2022



I feel like it's super important for any business to be completely transparent and honest with all stakeholders from the very beginning. 

To me, the power of giving everyone a clear insight into how the business operates and the vision we have can only come back in a positive way.

So this is what the purpose of these monthly updates will be. 

An update in how the business is going, what we're working on and why we're making certain key decisions. 

We're doing this to document the journey and also to make sure everyone invested in the positive change Emerton Scott wants to make is fully on the same page. 


First pieces will be ready for Christmas

After 11 months of samples, refinements and feedback, we are finally in a position to place our first full packaging & jewellery order ready in time for Christmas. 

We'll be ordering a limited number of each design to try and make sure everyone looking to invest in a piece gets the creation they want. 

We're looking to do two orders. One immediately and another which will mean we are restocked ready for the festive period. 

Hopefully everyone manages to pre-order the creation they want before stock runs out.


Product, People & Purpose

All great companies have three things in common. 

They all have a great product, they take care of communities and they have a purpose beyond just selling their product. 

With every product we develop & design being inspired by stoic philosophy, we want to help others to be introduced to stoicism and help them improve their lives, mindset and happiness as a result. 

I was introduced to stoic philosophy by my Jiu Jitsu coach in Shanghai around 4 years ago. 

And after reading pretty much every book on Stoicism I could get my hands on, I started to feel my life become more balanced and centred. I could handle adversity in a healthier way and ultimately, I felt like a better version of myself. 

I want to help as many people as possible enjoy that same transition. 

And I think if we dedicate everything we do here at Emerton Scott to helping others better their lives using stoic practices, that'll make all the effort worthwhile.


Ambassadors Applications

Spreading the word about stoicism and the positive effects it can have on your life can be done better and faster if we do it together. 

This is why we have ambassador programs which help anyone who aligns with our core values the opportunity to share their story and generate more interest around stoic philosophy. 

Our core values are:

  • Be capable, but humble
  • If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing properly
  • Always be honest & do the right thing

If you feel like you resonate with the above values, you can apply here. 

If doesn't;t matter how many followers you have. All we care about is that everyone helping spread the word about Emerton Scott and stoic philosophy is aligned in regards to the values we embody. 


Building our team

Having the right people in our team is going to be essential if we want to achieve the positive difference we're striving to make.  

We currently have 8 people (including me) working as part of the Emerton Scott team. 

Everyone involved is super passionate about the brand and where we want to take things over coming 12 months. 

We are always open to connecting with new talent, so if you have experience in any of the following, feel free to email me at


  • Copywriter
  • Social Media Manager
  • Facebook Advertising Manager
  • Marketing Director


What the future holds

We're focused on making sure our first full shipment arrives safely in the UK and we fulfilled all pre-orders which have already been placed. 

The team is also in the middle of arranging our new photography for the website and trying to make sure we get the look and feel perfect site wide. This is a huge priority for us. 

Once we have this in place, we'll be reaching out to people who are currently thought leaders in the Stoic Philosophy space so we can partner with them and figure out how we can sustainably spread the word about stoic philosophy to others who maybe haven't been introduced to it yet.