Official Stakeholder Letter - November 24th 2022

To our stakeholders:

A great deal has changed since our last stakeholder letter in September. But we're making a great deal of great progress in key areas.



We successfully launched our unique partnership program which has helped us connect with an exclusive group of like-minded creators and people who share our values and beliefs.

All partners have agreements in place which have been created to encourage sustainable relationships to be built allowing everyone within our Partnership Program to grow together over time.

We're excited about how this will impact our ability to spread the values and lessons Stoicism teaches and help people around the world. 



We originally planned to launch our Kickstarter on December 5th 2022. But due to our pieces being handmade, we wanted to give ourselves a little more breathing space to allow our Partners to create amazing content and for us to get a head start on orders. 

We have an idea (based on previous sales) of which pieces are likely to sell more quickly than others. So our workshop is in the middle of crafting some pieces in advance so we can get backers pieces to them before Christmas, if possible. 

We have also created an irresistible offer for our first 100 backers which should help us get our Kickstarter off to a great start on December 13th. If you would like to be notified when we launch, you can sign up to be notified here.



Our packaging is all ready and in place. We are waiting for each piece to be handmade so we can send each piece to customers. 

We're really happy with our manufacturing partners and we are looking forward to a long and valuable relationship with them. They are aligned with our vision of doing the small things right. So we're pleased to have found such great partners to help us deliver an opening experience beyond anything else offered by other jewellery brands anywhere near our price point. 




We're proud to welcome 2 new members to the team who are excited to help us build Emerton Scott into a brand that can create a positive impact. 

Sam Peters has taken the role of Director of Advertising, helping us reach new customers through paid channels. His experience in working with impressive brands in the past helped make it a very easy decision in bringing him on board. He also has a way of thinking and a work ethic which I personally admire and he has some great ideas which I think will really help us succeed.

Lewis Green is joining us as Podcast Manager, as we look to upgrade our organic rich through various social media sources. He will be working with Max Hsu (our Senior Social Director) to create and distribute our podcast episodes to help and reach a new audience. 




From January, we will be looking to develop a new product which we have been exploring for the past 3 months. We can't share much at the moment, but the product is focused around mindset management and productivity.


In summary, everything seems to be going to our original plan leading to the end of Q4.

We're excited to end the year on a high and look forward to 2023 which is looking more and more promising as Emerton Scott continues to mature. 

Thank you to all of our stakeholders for your support and encouragement.


Scott Lancaster

Founder of Emerton Scott