Official Stakeholder Letter - September 24th 2022


To our stakeholders:

Stoic Philosophy's popularity is at an all-time high, according to Google trends. Which I can imagine is due to the complex nature of the social and economic environment we all have to navigate through daily.

We can all agree mental health is important. But the most important question we are asking ourselves as a company is how can we help to improve people's lives through the teachings that Stoic Philosophy teaches. And how can we do this in a way that every step we take is sustainable & purposeful?

The popularity of Stoicism since 2004 (via Google Trends)


Celebrating Virtue & Excellence

Being a good person and having high standards you live by can help instill a life-enriching discipline.

Emerton Scott wants to celebrate the virtue and excellence people strive for every day. Not only people who are highlighted as celebrities and have followings. But people who are being virtuous and practicing excellence in their own little way, quietly. 

Our marketing strategy to reach our audience will no doubt include partnering with people who have influence and followings. 

But our decision to partner with each person will be solely based on our ability to see them as a long-term partner who can help us impact other people's lives through lessons from Stoicism. 


Investing in experience

We are technically a new company. But our investment in our packaging and overall opening experience already surpasses any competitor in our space & market currently. 

This is of course a risk. Our packaging and all the separate elements which come together to create the opening experience likely cost at least 500x more than what our competitors are spending on their packaging. 

But there are two reasons we believe in our packaging serving us in helping more people enrich their lives through the power of Stoicism. 

First, we want to create moments that customers remember and want to share with others. Too many products provide little to zero experience when being opened. We believe that by making our customers feel special, they will in turn share their experience, when receiving our products, with others. 

We want our customers to feel special. And this has been our single focus during every step whilst designing our opening experience.

This should generate a word-of-mouth effect which, if successful, will gradually begin helping us reach a newer and wider audience without investing heavily in advertising. 

In simple terms, we want to provide an experience so memorable and special that our customers share our message with others. 


Expanding our product range

At the moment, our focus is to grow our customer base and begin building brand awareness. 

Our current goals are not based around profitability. This will come later. 

We have a core set of uniquely designed products that we are confident in.

But we are also actively partnering with other artisans in various areas of expertise to create further distinctive products which can help us realise our purpose of inspiring virtue & excellence. 

 These partnerships will begin to develop over time, but we are taking things slowly and building long-lasting relationships with passionate people who share our interest in making the world a better place.


Goals for the remainder of 2022

For the remainder of the year, we will be focused on having a successful launch leading up to Christmas and potentially ordering the second shipment of product to arrive before December.

We'll have a complete focus on customer experience and ensuring we are delivering the optimal experience for every person who invests their hard-earned money when purchasing our products. 

We will look to create meaningful and sustainable partnerships with people who share our values and mission. 

Our team will continue to improve and grow, as we better understand how to use every asset & platform within the business to better serve our customers and stakeholders. 

From a marketing standpoint, we believe we can reach enough people to be able to sell every unit from our first and secondary shipments. This cash flow should allow us to invest in a larger shipment for the start of 2023, hiring more talented people to help us improve our communications with customers across various mediums and eventually product development. 

Product development will not be a priority for 2022 as we must dedicate our efforts to fine-tuning our marketing and message to reach our customers cost-effectively. 

This will allow us to begin 2023 with an existing customer base and foundation to push forward from and begin developing new products to enrich people's lives.

2022 has been an exciting year, and we are looking forward to seeing our product under Christmas trees around the world come December. Thank you to all of our stakeholders for your support and encouragement.


Scott Lancaster

Founder of Emerton Scott