Everyone who signs up for the Super Early Bird Reward will get a complimentary upgrade to our signature red packaging & guaranteed delivery by December 20th.

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Currently we are making the jewellery one by one. This is not cost effective or efficient manufacturing.

By making a larger order, we can reduce our cost of making the necklaces.

This allows us to pass on these saving to you.

Currently we have to have each necklace made to order. But we need to pay higher rates for the materials to make each necklace.

A Kickstarter will allow us to make a larger order, allowing us to offer our creations at a more affordable price point.

The official date is December 5th 2022.

We design products inspired by Stoic Philosophy which are designed to empower and enhance people's lives.

Super Early Bird backers will be able to buy their Emerton Scott pieces at up to £150 off retail price.

The workshop we work with can only supply a certain number of necklaces in time for Christmas. This means anyone securing their necklace with the Super Early Bird Reward will guarantee delivery by December 20th, 2022.

There are a limited number of each design available with guaranteed delivery by December 20th, 2022. So secure your early bird access, because once the Super Early Bird Rewards are sold out, the next delivery date will be late January / early February 2023.

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